Tor Book Club Reopens

I got the email we’ve all been waiting for this morning. No, not that email! The other one. No,  the other other email. Well, anyway, the Tor Book Club is back. For those of you who don’t know, the fine folks at Tor–who love us very much, and want us to be happy–have a book club which discusses Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, which they give away for free.

Now, admittedly, the free books tend to be the first book in a very long and very addictive series, but they are free. You just sign up for the newsletter. The books are only available free for two or three days.

This month’s selection is The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. Yup. The first book in the Wheel of Time series. (A series, by the way, which is so long the author literally died writing it, and so addictive they raised a boy-child from scratch to finish it.)

No, the business model is completely different than selling cocaine.


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    Now, if they gave away the first books in any of that homemade boy-child’s other series, I’d be down for it in a hot minute… I’d be flat broke before I could blink if I bought all the Robert Jordan books I want to, read and yet-unread alike.

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      I’m not ashamed to say my e-reader has paid for itself with all the bargains you find on the internet… unless, of course, you count bargains that wind up adding fourteen books to my TBR pile… In which case, it’s probably going to wind up costing me a kidney.

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    So I just registered for an account on their website. I’m assuming that it enough? Or is there something else I need to do?

    Thanks for the tip!

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      You have to confirm the newsletter subscription, and then they send you a link to download the book toward the beginning of the month. (I haven’t gotten the March link yet, either.) There’s just a window of a few days to download the book.

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