Typing In Delirium

So, I spent the day typing, and I’m adding that to the list of skills I really do feel the perfect man ought to have…. along with being able to instinctively figure out my revision flow chart (including the parts where I failed to put in arrows) and read my handwriting… and while we’re at it, he can find my green pen.

Which I might have accidentally thrown away.

So, we should… for the sake of his mental health… add “Not afraid of rats” to the list, because, frankly, the garbage dump is full of them.

I have been thinking about things I could sell on Etsy, and things that might make a decent revision reward, and I fluttered through the thought of taking up metal stamping. I could make little disks that state the name of your book, and the number of rejections you’ve gotten.

Okay. Yeah. It’s not exactly a diamond from Mr. Not Afraid of Rats, but you know how it goes. (And yes, the fact that a friend of a friend does wire-wrap jewelry doesn’t exactly stop me from this kind of thought.)

I have more “free” time tomorrow, so I’ll probably do…

More typing.



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