Undisciplined Mornings at the Writer’s Desk

I’m trying to convince myself to be awake. I’m mostly not, but the caffeine helps me do a fairly good imitation. I will track down the source of my insomnia and kill it later on. (Don’t say it’s the caffeine.)

I’m thinking early morning vitamin D might be almost as good as getting to see a sunrise from time to time. Or at least that it’ll keep me from suffering too much.

Someone drove a truck–in a drunken stupor, not a violent rampage–through a crowd in New Orleans. This is below the fold news, small, unembellished headline on CNN… and that’s why I need the caffeine.

I’m supposed to be working on writing, right now. Instead, I have tweeted, I have caught up on one of my forums (where, admittedly, I’m a moderator, so–excuse!) and I have read the news. Reading the news seems to be a never ending task, lately.

The chapter I was working on yesterday is printed out and scribbled all over, so I’ll need to get back to my computer before I can work on that. I’ll take index cards with me and see if I can get some real work done when I have a chance.


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    I gave up on the news years ago. When something important enough happens my colleagues tell me about it. i understand the distraction that is Twitter, though. 🙂

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