Unexpected Milestones in Blogging

When you start doing something, there are milestones you expect. Evidence of progress that is predictable: A particular number of views, or followers, or posts. For instance, I’m approaching my 200th post. There’s nothing particularly surprising about that. You just write the first post, and then, keep going.

In addition to that kind of milestone, you have the kind of milestone you weren’t looking for until you run into it along the way. Things like the callous on my big toe. I didn’t think about it before I started dancing, but there it is. Proof I was there. A nice souvenir.

I’m talking about the milestones that come with their own aha moment and announce themselves when you get there.

Today’s milestone?

My readers started talking to each other.

Yeah. In the comments on my blog. There are people… and they’re talking to each other.


Didn’t know I was looking for that.

In hindsight, it seems obvious that it would happen eventually. I mean, I have a blog. It has a theme (Specifically: Pretending this blog has a theme.) It makes sense that the people who read it would have enough in common that they’d start talking eventually.


It’s like the first time you run into someone who looks just exactly like your character running around on the street.

So… what are the milestones that took you by surprise? What accomplishments did you reach without knowing they were there?


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    People crediting me with knowing about building websites and coming to me to ask how to question and what’s best. Surprises me every time.

    Remembering what my website was like when I started and seeing it today. It has come a long way with steady work being put into it and posting at least once or twice week, no less than twice a month since 2012.

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      Oh and you surprise me all the time telling me I’m good at promotion and I know a lot of people personally on the net. It struck me I do know many personally how interesting, but the promotion thing I find hard, so surprised when you think I’ve done something well.

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      *LOL* I had an elderly aunt call me about a “computer problem” once. Turned out her (married) daughter had changed her Facebook status to “it’s complicated” and she wanted me to fix it and/or explain it. I squirmed out of that one, and I still have no idea what’s going on with the relationship in question.

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        ROFL I might need to add you in as a relationship adviser!
        And , yes Juneta, you have done a fantastic job on your website. That’s a reflection of all the effort you’ve put into it. Way to go!
        (Oops – people talking to each other again!)

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          ROFL, Why thank you, Angela. Hugs. Your blog is coming along too. We all got it going on.

          Hugs to you too, Reprobate Typewriter you, I started to just use your name but not sure you’d want that, so defaulted to your blog name.

          • I’m okay with you using my name. I’m Karen Lynn here, too. But I haven’t really settled on a for-real pen name, yet,which is why I wound up branding the blog. Someday, I figure I’ll wind up sticking on something by default, or coming up with the most brilliant-est pen name, ever.
            Hugs back the both of ya!

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