Updating the Blog?

The thought of redoing my website has started fluttering through my mind, and I find myself looking at templates online. The first thing I’d do is change to a static homepage, and tuck my blog, itself a little further back. So, I’m looking at more graphically striking templates.

I would still want a relatively narrow header for the blog, itself. Something thin enough that there would be plenty of text, even before the reader starts scrolling.

I’d like to feature some of my own photography and art, although exactly what that would look like on a writing website, I don’t really know.

And I’m thinking of pruning back the number of posts so the website will load faster and prettier, and maybe not over-tax my sad little server account.

And, just possibly, cutting back on the number of days I post, as well. **glances at recent posting calendar** well, maybe not.

There’s a huge range of advice on what to put on a website. Bare bones, of course, stay pretty much the same. I like my blog, and I plan to keep it. (And who knows, maybe it’ll become a good excuse to do something wildly exciting, someday.)

More research! That’s what I need!

Maybe an opinion poll.

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