V is for Voice

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So, I might have fudged a little to get my W in on time for the Storytime Blog Hop. Okay. So, if I had planned ahead, I might have been able to give the Bioautomaton a V name. Or not. And it’s not strictly cheating, if I still did a post yesterday.

Feel free to disagree with me. On your own blog. (Or in the comments. Comments are good.)

So, that brings me to the letter V.  V is for voice. That weird and wonderful thing that makes Douglas Adams Douglas Adams and not Jane Austen.

You know… the thing you were punished for in basically every English class you ever took. Sorry. I like that run-on sentence and I’m not getting rid of it, not even if you flunk me, and also, yes, my character does say fart bubbles a lot. If you don’t like it… Fart bubbles.

On a slightly more mature note, I’m wondering if every writer has just ONE voice, or if he can have many. So, Stephen King got caught being Richard Bachman, and JK Rowling got caught being… ooh, what… Cuckoo’s Calling… Robert Galbraith… but is voice something that’s set in stone and always the same?

I think my Science Fiction voice is a lot brighter and more optimistic than my thriller voice. In general. I feel like they’re much different. Obviously, other people have tried that and been proven wrong. And… I happen to think my blogging voice is different than either one of them. Some of my characters seem to have their own voices.

What about you? Do you think you have one voice, or many? How can you tell?


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    I think we have more than one voice, but I think there is one we are most comfortable with so is used the most. Voice is word choice and the way you perceive the world and express yourself. You are the only one who has it. Learning to express it on the page sometimes takes some practice. Like you said mood and thought process affect it and change and the trigger might be the genre you are writing or type of character. Good post.

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