Do you ever run out of really good words for “reanimated corpse?” It seems like I have a hierarchy of risen dead in the project I’m revising, and my vocabulary is coming up a little short.

The internet is a wonderful place. Not only do I have friends who are not currently worrying about my well-being in light of that observation, I’m sure somebody out there is running a paranormal wiki that includes 1001 Words For Reanimated Corpse.

Cruisin’ Cadaver.

Dancin’ Deader.

Or, you know… something a little more sinister might be good.

As you can see, I’m in the holiday spirit here. The story I’m revising is evolving into something a little more complex, and I’m starting to like it a little bit more. Not, of course, enough that I’m sorry I squashed the hell out of any “series potential” it might have had.

But enough that I can see it turning into something I wouldn’t regret dropping a few bucks on.

So, three cheers for revising WIPS in the order in which they were written.

How’s your progress going?


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    How about “Dancin’ Deady”? I once had an idea for a series of books that had the word “deady” in the title, e.g. “Who’s Your Deady?”, “My Heart Belongs to Deady,” “Deady, Don’t You Walk So Fast,” etc. You can use it if you like, since I don’t write fiction anymore.

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      That’s incredibly generous! I might do that, if I ever wind up with anything to match the tone. I think the one I’m working on now is a little too bleak, but thank you!

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