Well, this is an improvement

So, where am I? The bottom of my Amazon basics notebook–it’s a decently-priced moleskine knock-off–is pulling apart at the bottom. A little more wear and tear than I’d like, although probably nothing I’d actually pay more money to fix, especially if these notebooks are only supposed to last a month or two. (At the rate I’m going? Probably more like three or four, but still not an item for posterity.)

The cat has a fondness for biting my pens–apparently he takes writing as a sign that I want to play–so he got a fairly sizable bite out of my orange pen. The animal has jaws like lightning.

The Scrivener thoughts? Well, might still becoming. After a little more typing in, and playing… if I get that done before the trial runs out. I won’t be buying a copy of the program. I just can’t get excited about it.

In query letter writing… I have one perfect sentence. Of course, that still leaves me with the rest of the letter to write. And I’m not sure how to figure out the rest. I’m wondering if I could just program a computer to write query letters. Uhm… well, maybe a charming robot of some kind. Don’t want to lose the humanoid touch, after all.

I am on day 7 of “write every day.”

This is an improvement.

I’m working on a new scene card for a scene that doesn’t really exist in any form, yet. And that’s a whole lot more fun than trying to figure out what’s wrong with the scenes that do exist. I’m still trying to figure out how finishing the revision can simultaneously seem so incredibly close, and so far away.

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