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I went to see Black Panther the other day. (Yes, there will be a more detailed report later.) And in a moderately crowded movie theater, filled with a nice assortment of people, I was literally the only person who stayed for both of the post-credits scenes.

It reminded me of the old days, when you had to turn around and shout at the projectionist, if he turned off the film when the credits started rolling.

Does it mean the people watching the film are not not comic book fans, or that they’re not comic book fans yet?


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    Lol. I started to leave at the credits but when I noticed that most were still sitting, I sat my butt back down. I’m not a comic book movie aficianado so I didn’t know!

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      I got into them as an adult, when all the people looking over my shoulders to be sure I was reading “appropriate” books finally disappeared. This one definitely had some high-end writers attached to it, and I think they did well. (Although I can think of some sci-fi writers I’d love to see write the next one. I may just be a genre girl at heart.)

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    I’ve always stayed for the credits, right down to “Best Boy” and “gaffers.” I find when I’m at a theatre where the audience is older (as in Social Security-qualified) more people do. I’ll try to be charitable and say many of those fleeing will later go on IMDB and check all the credits. I do both, because I want details (maybe not when it comes to “Best Boy” and “gaffers.”)

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      You’re dedicated! I don’t necessarily have to know who gave the elephant its rabies vaccination, but I do like to get through the director, the writers, and whoever’s doing the special effects and music.

  3. DMT


    Half of my theater stayed for the credits because we knew there would be extra scenes. The funny thing was it was 10:00 on a Tuesday morning, so a good half of the audience was old ladies (myself included) with canes and funny hats. But we WAITED.

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      Half is a pretty good number. That would have been more what I expected. How did you like the movie?

      • DMT


        Did you like it?

        I did. Liked the feminism, the politics, and the casting, loved the color schemes and the costumes. It escaped some of the racist tropes of the comic book series (M’Baku and the Jabari, for instance, came off well). Also, it lacked the usual Marvel death-of-the-universe CGI battle, which bores me to death; instead it had several good battles all going on at once. I give it an A grade as an action movie.

        It was 10:00 on a Tuesday morning, so no kids and relatively few guys, and was after opening weekend, so all us savvy older women came out then. I was one of maybe 2% white, but otherwise I was part of the 50% demographic. Canes. Walkers, even. A lady near me was using one of those devices you can rent from the movie theater to show closed captioning.

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    I think it does mean they are not Marvel fans. I’m not, but I know to stay after the credits because hubby is, so I’ve seen a few lol

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