What My Friends Are Up To

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post with links to fun and exciting things on the internet. So…

My friend Juneta Key (From Holly’s Writing Classes, From the StoryTime Blog Hop, IWSG, and just about everywhere else) has a guest post on Christine Rains’ blog What Makes Good-Flash Fiction And I’m blushing a little, because she recommends one of my stories as an example!

And as it happens, my new friend Christine Rains has a guest post on Juneta Key’s website about where she lives, and some of the animal totems she lives with. If you’re curious about other writers’ spaces, Christine’s Post shows some of her home and life.

Juneta is also the Advent Calendar post of the day. Yes, I’m pretty sure someday we’ll find out the entire internet is powered by Juneta’s spare energy. Go check out her Christmas story Wild Magic.

AJ Mullican–I think I just met her through the nano hop–is holding a Q&A in character as Clare from her dystopian. a post in character as Clare from her dystopian. It sounds like a fun idea, so I’m passing along the link. It reminds me of the Valentines’ party I went to with one of my characters this year.

Marquessa Mathews from Simply Marquessa is taking a different approach to her New Year’s goals–52 of them in 52 weeks!–and she talks about that here, and gives several links to other websites dedicated to this challenge. I’m thinking about joining in, but no commitments, yet. Stick around and look at some of her amazing travel photos.


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    Ah Karen, love you so much. You are joy and heart blessing. You make my heart smile a lot. HUGS

    Thank you for giving the post a short. I don’t know why I have not been tweeting but I appear to have forgot about. Tweeted a few of yours too and this one.

    Thank you for all your encouragement and sweet words.


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