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I got a little time in the hammock this week. Not… uhm… summertime fun, exactly. But not the deadly cold of winter, either. I curled up in a zero degree sleeping bag, and let the wind rock me while I read a book. If you hold very, very still, and plan ahead, you can be more or less comfortable like that. What I do not have is a full-on winter hammock. I have warm fuzzy thoughts about buying one, at some point. But then, the thought of keeping my money in my pocket is pretty warm and fuzzy, too.

I might be more tempted by the idea of different than anything else. I’m window shopping. Most of what I’m looking at wouldn’t get here in time for this winter, anyway. (And I’m hoping that next winter will be better. Or at least… more opportunities for excitement.)

It is winter here. Now and then, the temperature comes up for air, but there’s snow on the ground and more snow expected. I well and truly horrified one of my co-workers the other day, when I suggested that it was warmer than it had been. He’s from one of those places where warm means warm, and not “oh, look, the snow is melting today, and it wasn’t, yesterday.”

Well, so much for that. Next time, my co-worker will appreciate warm weather when it comes his way.

Do you ever find yourself really scraping to find something worth talking about? Does television count? I’m watching Westworld. What about Sports that you don’t personally play… or follow? I hear the Superbowl is coming up. Admittedly, based on comments I heard today, I wasn’t sure if it was over or not.

I’m still moving forward. That feels like the important thing, right now. I’m finding ways to move closer to my goals.

I believe I’ll have a nice tuna melt and keep going.



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    I definitely struggle to find things to talk about these days. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not doing anything that involves people outside the family. I’m not a big TV person (though I’m hooked on Lucifer–Netflix series), I’m not into sports (but I’ll prob. watch the Super Bowl for the commercials). That leaves books and writing.

    I never knew winter hammocks were a thing, and my Californian-turned-Arizonan brain is bewildered by the concept. You want to rest in a hammock outside… when it’s cold? That does not compute.

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