Where I was Last Year…

Confession: I use the program that came with my phone to deal with photographs.

The program likes to remind me of what I was doing a year ago, and suggest that I buy picture books to commemorate the occasion. (whatever that happened to be.)

I’ve never gotten around to turning notifications off–I don’t take enough pictures to hear from them on a regular basis–and I’m too cheap (and un-talented) to pay for a real photo editing suite.

And most of the time, that means I’m also too cheap to pay for a professionally bound book of my photos.

Most of my pictures–certainly the ones that are similar enough for a computer to group together–are from unremarkable hiking trips. Not unpleasant enough to make me turn off the feature then and there, and not significant enough to want a hard copy.

I was out and about when the latest notification popped up. (How do apps keep from delivering NSFW photos while you’re in public, anyway? Never mind. Not my problem.)

So, I clicked on the notification.


Gallery presented me with a beautiful slideshow of dead fish. Rotting fish. Fish lying in the mud.


A year ago, I was down by the river documenting the high water mark.

The fish did not do well, and the boat ramp was covered with mud.

I’d completely forgotten taking the pictures, but there they were, staring up at me with their hollow, dead-fish eyes.

It’s probably my horrible sense of humor, but maybe I really should order copies for all my family and friends.

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