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I don’t think you can tell what this is from the picture, but I’ll give you a hint. We’re not looking at the house in the background. I spent the better part of a morning looking for this place. It’s not a secret, but it does take a history buff to remember it exists.

A different angle might help? Okay.


Maybe not. But this one should give you some idea. If you’ve read my blog for long, you already know I like to visit old cemeteries. And this… in the middle of a nice suburban neighborhood… this is a cemetery. It’s one of five cemeteries used by my state’s mental hospitals over the past two centuries. This one was in operation from 1929-1957. There are two hundred fifty people buried here. After that, the state returned the patients whose bodies were not claimed to their home counties.


The last row of graves still marked.

The stones are all but identical, the ones that haven’t sunk back into the ground. They each bear a patient number and nothing else.

Institutional Gravestones

Institutional Gravestones






A garter snake by one of the stones.

A garter snake by one of the stones.

A few years back, a memorial was added. It’s identical to one in the other hospital cemetery I’ve been to, and I would guess there are similar monuments in all five cemeteries.

For all that was, and all that might have been,

For all that was, and all that might have been, grant us rest and peace.


Picture from earlier cemetery (1872-1928)

There are roughly 10 grave stones in the 1872 cemetery. Some of them are contemporary with the graves. Others have been added later, by family members and descendants.


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      I think so. I might do a post on the cemetery section for the home for the mentally handicapped by way of comparison. They’re actually in the community’s cemetery. I can’t get to the prison cemetery. It’s on the grounds, and beyond the security perimeter, so I’ve only seen it from a distance.

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      A lot of people feel that way. I usually find them very peaceful, and this one in particular. Very quiet.

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