Wind Turbines and a Drive in the Countryside

On a spur of the moment, whim thing, I went out to look at wind turbines.

wind turbine at a distance

You really don’t get a sense of how big these things are, when you’re zipping by on the highway. They are tall. Of course, they’re tall. Each one of those blades gets shipped in as an oversized load on an eighteen wheeler. I’d like to go inside one, one day, but I may never be able to talk an engineer into taking me. (hint, hint. Hello? Anybody out there? No? Well, fine, then.)wind turbine up closeIt wasn’t as loud as I expected.

And also, there was corn. Lots and lots of corn. I don’t know about anywhere else, but right here, right now? This stuff is beautiful. Look at that color. It’s been gobbling up the sun and rain.

And just for fun, for the city folks, I got a picture of the corn’s toes. Really, those plants look like they’re ready to just tiptoe out of there, don’t they?

corn toes--thin, roots at the bottom of the corn stalk


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    In the UK there used to be a wind turbine you can visit and tour, including going to the top. I always wanted to go, but I’m not sure it’s still open to the public!

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      Ooh, it never occurred to me that they might have one set up for tours! I’ll have to check if there’s anything like that near me. Thank you!

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