Wind Turbines Gone Wild

The other day, in a cornfield near me, a wind turbine collapsed.

So, naturally, I had to go out and track down the cornfield, and the wind turbine, and get a picture.

Yup. That is one very collapsed wind turbine. They don’t know why it collapsed, but they do know it went off line at about 5 o’clock in the morning. A rather peeved farmer comments that you wouldn’t want to be out in your field when that happened. A different rather peeved local was muttering about how people don’t have much of a choice about leasing their property to the company. I don’t know about that, but there are definitely fairly solid campaigns against these things whenever they even think about putting them in.

In case the (very not local) company that runs them missed it, people are pissed off.

There’s no question about what this would do to someone, if they happened to be working under it when it fell. And considering the electrical element… And the irrigation in that field… they might not even have to get hit to get dead.

“Wouldn’t wanna be spraying when it happened?”

I don’t even know what that translates to in city people.

Probably getting out a tire iron and beating the shit out of the other guy’s city-people Mercedes to drive. home. the. point. YOU. DROPPED. A. WINDMILL. WHERE. MY. KID. WAS. ABOUT. TO. GO. SPRAY. THWACK.


(probably about the same thing a tire-iron does to a windshield.)THWACK.

You can’t do that in Nebraska.

Well, you could… but after you render the Mercedes undrivable, you’re probably going to have to get out the winch and tow the damn thing back to town (’cause nobody else is going to.) And anyway, there’s a lot of Mennonite blood around here. (TRUE FACT: Mennonites can’t swing a tire iron worth shit.)

For people who are missing the point… I took that picture while I was standing on the section road south of the Turbine.  That Turbine is about half way up the section, which means that it is no less than a quarter mile from where I’m standing, and probably half a mile away. If you look very closely at the still-upright portion of the windmill toward the left, you’ll see a dark-arch shaped thing. That would be a full-sized **door.** And by the way… it is at the top of a staircase that you can’t see. So… it’s a full sized door, that is already six to ten feet off the ground.

We are not amused.


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    We have turbines all over OK and I have the option to pay mire and the power co SAYS I am buying 100% wind. Most of them are on wind farms, not in the middle of a farmer’s working field. Safer.

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