Winnowing Multiple Projects and Qualms

I’ve been working on multiple projects for several months, now. And, as I may have mentioned, the experiment is resolving itself into two clear frontrunners.

The most attention-grabbing projects are an urban fantasy approaching 60k and a straight-up sci-fi piece on track for 40k. I’ll focus on them a little bit more, as I move ahead. As I suspected, multiple projects is going to work out to one or two projects, and a few things to distract me on the side.

My revision is the third project, and it’s sharing folder space with some short stories.

The back burner projects have some issues, either as stories, or as my stories.

The low-word count loser of the group is probably one of the darkest things I’ve ever written. And without a doubt, the least optimistic. It seems to move slowly to its doom. I’m not really ready to give up on it.

Somewhere in the middle is a fantasy that really has no recognizable structure, and may not even have a plot. I kinda like the characters though.

And the last one in the batch was supposed to be a young adult novel.

(Pause for audience laughter.)

Yes, I know.

My main character is currently contemplating the benefits of a three-way relationship. In the meantime, I’m thinking about my own boundaries. My books tend to be light on the sex, and more about the complexities of the relationships. And, also, I’m fairly sure the story is going to cover too many years of her life to stay YA, anyway.

That 65,000 word length looked so enticing.

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