Winter and Writing and Goals (Oh, my!)

I got caught between the two snow storms this week. I wasn’t really far enough north to have a full-on blizzard, and I wasn’t far enough south to have the thunder, lightning, and tornadoes experience. Nope. I got several inches, but not so much that I wasn’t dug out by bedtime.

I did, however, get a chance to try out my new microspikes. Which were probably not entirely necessary. I’ll give them another shot when the runoff starts to re-freeze.

We’ve had a mild winter this year, although we’re all quite certain we’re going to pay for it later on.

So, weather aside, I’ve been keeping a fairly constant pace with my new revision.

Nothing is in the right order.

I can work with that.

I’m also starting another read through of my Lepterian novel. I want to get back to querying, as soon as I’m sure there’s nothing insanely obvious that I’ve overlooked. (Ya know… like chapter 63 being in italics, or having pasted my grandmother’s enchilada recipe into that love scene.)

So, this is the year of winning at writing. And I’ve announced my goals on my writing community’s forum. They’re a bit choppy, and involve a lot of typing. (Last year was the year of not typing in writing.)

I have my revision broken down into pieces, and my TBR list marked up with check boxes, and a couple of other goals that have nothing to do with writing on a goal tracker.

I’ve been doing fairly well, so far.

They’re not exactly resolutions. I’m focusing more on the how I’m going to get things done, and less on the yearly wish list of things I want to get done.

One of my other goals is to spend more time actively building the writing communities I’m a part of, so I’ll be co-hosting the Insecure Writers’ Support Group in April, so join now (it’s free) and avoid the rush.


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