Word Count Blues

I’m counting down those last few “safe” index cards–the ones I’m sure I have space for–and moving into the “with caution” cards soon. I’ll still have a lot of revising to do after I have the entire draft written, but I’m already fluttering around 92,000 words. (Including the fat.)

I’ll have to add some hints at a romantic subplot, of course, and there are some connective scenes I need.

So, how, exactly, do we get from here to here without killing anybody I’m going to need in the next chapter, and without tearing apart the entire book to make the new scene fit?

And then, on to writing that impossible query letter.


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    The dreaded word count. I’m notorious for high word count. I’ve written a few blogs about it. There is no specific solution other than to weedle away. I wouldn’t sacrifice content for word count. Check your filter words. Set the work aside for a couple weeks and go back and see if you have any superfluous descriptions. I also find it helps to find an honest person or two to read it and let me know if anything is boring or repetitive. Good luck.

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