Word Sprints and Catching Up for NaNoWriMo

I’m still more than a little behind on my Nano-Novel. I got in some word sprints with Team Holly yesterday, and I clocked a little over 5,000 words. I don’t really expect to do that well, today. Work ate up a lot of my time, and then some other things, and long story short, I’m just now sitting down in front of the computer.

For anyone who doesn’t know, word sprints are short, timed writing exercises, in which you try to get as many words possible in ten or fifteen minutes. My record is somewhere in the neighborhood of 400, and from all accounts, that’s really not too bad a count.

One of the biggest benefits of word sprints is that it reminds you just how long ten or fifteen minutes really is. You actually can get a lot done in ten minutes. At 400 words per session, I’d get my nano quota done in less than an hour.

I’m going to admit to cheating on my one piece of paper thing here. I need the words to catch up, and I’m really not quite to the point that I’m focused or even really feeling like this is my project.

I don’t usually get much more than 400 words over the course of my lunch hour. Part of that is the small talk, and part of it’s the eating, but I’d be pleased with that.

Today, I was drowning in small talk.

I’m still hoping to get my quota–or maybe a little more in on the project, so I gotta run. Suddenly, it’s starting to look like I might actually hit 50 k this month.


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