Working at Work

The secret really is the earphones. I can’t emphasize that enough. They’re the only reason I’m sitting here working on Work, and not… for instance… laughing at the really punny joke co-worker’s  kid told her. (There is currently no music in my  headphones.)

My brain is stuck somewhere in the middle of a subplot that was stuck, and which is now snowballing down hill at breakneck speeds.  I had the beginning of the subplot, and the end… and then, I ran into the place where I actually needed the middle (that I didn’t have.)

I still don’t have a clear vision for the NaNoWriMo story, but the characters still seem to be working out okay. Now, they just have to do something.

I invited a child (via the Responsible Adult) to join in  with the Young Writers’ Program. I think she’d be a natural for it. Her Responsible Adult thinks she already reads too much.  I know all those words, but when you put them in that order… it just doesn’t make sense.

I suspect that’s a no.

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