World Bird Sanctuary

I’m back. Well, most of me is back. The mosquitoes took their chunk and then some. You know that friend who can attract every blood-sucking insect in a field? Well, that’s me.

So, as I mentioned, before… the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri is home to a number of rescue birds. They would not (for various reasons) be able to survive in the wild. This is just a selection of the birds.


A pair of pelicans.


You (I) can’t tell from the picture, but there is something wrong with the feet. Apparently, the bird doesn’t have the strength required to hunt. I was only about five feet away from this one when I took the picture.


Song bird waiting to be banded and weighed. This one doesn’t live in a cage.


This funny looking bird lives in the gift shop. Visitors are allowed to pet her. Gently.


Small Limestone Cave. It’s only about twenty feet deep, but the shade is nice. I get that deja vu feeling that I’ve been here before. (Which I might have, when I was a kid.)


Bridge in Arrow Rock, Missouri


There is still a certain degree of flooding along the Mississippi River.


Mississipi River. Still as beautiful as ever, and slightly larger than usual. This one’s a navigable river. (Due to flooding, the caves in this park are closed.)


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