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A couple of weeks ago, Lois Elsden, from a writers’ group in Somerset, England–The Moving Dragon— wrote to ask me if they could post my short Story, Dragon Smoke and Wind on their group blog. I said yes, and today, my story is up over there, with a great photo, and lots of enthusiasm. I love saying yes.

And–I may have mentioned this before–I love the way blogging connects the world.

So, my explorations this week have produced:

Syd Logsdon who is blogging Jandrax over on his blog. I’m always interested when I find someone else who’s blogging a novel (I’ve run into a few) but this one is extra interesting because 1.) Jandrax was published by Del Rey and 2) he’s posting commentary along with it. I’m just getting started, myself, so I’m not vouching for content.

Trisha Faye is starting a monthly blog Meet and Greet starting in September. I’m still a few horrifying character deaths away from being in an celebrate-y place, so I might not join in, but it sounds like something I should pass on, anyway.

Seems like I’m missing something.

It may come to me, later.


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      Thank you! I’ve been thinking about writing more. Maybe for the blog hop after next. I want to go scary on the one by Halloween.

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