Wow, Those Deadlines Hit Hard!

Here it is, not even Halloween, yet, and I’m already thinking about the annual Advent Calendar from Independent Bookworm.

It’s tradition that the writers for the calendar put up an “extra” go go with their story. Some little bonus that adds to the flavor. People do extra stories, poems, recipes, pictures and photography. And anything else the can think of. Last year, I included a picture of one of my paintings.

I’m not sure what I’m thinking of doing this year, so far.

I think I’m fresh out of paintings with a wintery theme, and I’m not sure anyone really wants to look at my more abstract doodles.

Any ideas?


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      I’d start going through the family recipes, but there’s no telling who stole what from where. Is the secret ingredient in your home cooking 1-800-Takeout, too?

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