Writers as Farmers

It’s harvest time, here in the beautiful mid-west, and that’s one of my favorite times of year not to be a farmer. Then, again, it’s also nearly NaNoWriMo time, and 9 out of ten farmers polled said that NaNo is their favorite time of the year NOT to be a writer.

Everybody else says it’s exactly the same thing, except with words, instead of corn.

I mean, you spend an entire year growing something, and then, you hope the prices are high when it hits the market, and people are still buying sorghum.

You have a certain money management paradigm, that goes on with that kind of thing. (Well, yes. Actually, a farmer does get paid a couple of times a year.)

And the only people who really understand are the other people who do the same job.

There are other seasonal professions, of course. Most of them run with the harvest, though. If you own a bar, there’s Football season, and then, there’s Oh, shit, how are we going to pay the rent on an empty bar season.

But that here I am, working on one project for a long period of time… well, that’s very farming.

We’ll just hope it isn’t all that long before I get my grain to market.

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