Writers’ Group

After calls to everything book-y, art-y, and just plain in-the-know, I’ve given up on finding a writers’ group in my small town and moved on to founding a writers’group. Yay, civic responsibility.

Fortunately, the one other writer I know IRL is more outgoing than I am. So, we’re putting up posters. I think we are, anyway.  She has been in charge of that for a few weeks, now. She’s a bright, quirky kid, but I’m not sure that self-motivation is her strong suit.

Unfortunately, everything about this is harder in a little town. I would like to have a closed-space to meet in.  Something where people do not wander by at random; something where what I write, today won’t be common knowledge by tomorrow. Or–let’s be honest–someplace I won’t get thrown out of, if I read what I’m working on out loud.

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