Writing in Sessions

I managed to hit a word count that I don’t mind mentioning, today. I’m at 1848, and that doesn’t include this blog post. I got some work done on a short story, and then I dug into the other thing I’m working on. I’m still in the very early stages of that. I just un-existed a character because I like another character better. It’s not really killing the character off–is it?–if nobody but you has ever seen him, and he kinda got on your nerves, anyway. It might be a novel someday.

I got rid of the husband. It’s always the husband with me, isn’t it? They always seem kinda… static, somehow. So, now he’s dead. My main character inherited most of his resume. And she’s **ahem** tragically widowed. (Yes, a decent amount of time has passed since the… accident? disease? murder?!?!! Whatever. I’ll figure it out.)

I wound up writing in three separate sessions today, and that works for me. It makes everything seem so much smaller when you break it up into chunks. It also makes me feel like the day is going well to have a few hundred words under my belt before I head off for other things.

I’m considering formally dividing up my word tracker into morning, evening, and afternoon sessions.

Something about getting words for this session keeps the deadline from slipping away from me.


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    I like that idea! Somehow I think it has to be all or nothing – so I plan on setting aside this huge chunk of time, which always conveniently disappears. Then next to nothing gets accomplished on the writing side. I’m going to try this too!

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