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One of my goals for this year is to write a couple of blog posts a week. Yep. Really. Just two. And now, I’m hit in the face with the unfortunate fact that I have to figure out what those two posts are going to be about.

This is the kind of thing that shines a bright light on the fact that while I’m busy, I’m not busy doing things that either 1.) I can talk about or 2.) Anyone would want to read about.

Clearly, I need to spend more time ziplining into fame and fortune. Or, at the very least, doing something wonderfully relaxing.

Nope. I’m sitting here at home watching YouTube videos where some prepper runs from store to store and tries to build a bug out bag from just what they have on hand. I’m not thinking of writing post-apocalyptic fiction. It’s just a bad habit, like Big Brother 126 or Survivor. Yeah. It’s literally a shopping trip. If he were on Book-Tok, it would be Book Haul Videos. The man has so, so many saws. (Don’t know what his shit hits the fan scenario is… but clearly there’s a lumberjack fantasy there somewhere.)

Its a completely different philosophy from “I’m just going for a nice walk in the woods.”
But never mind. Watch enough hiking videos, and eventually the algorithm is going to start recommending you build a bomb shelter.

It’s more like “I’m going to walk across town, and it’s going to be difficult, and unpleasant, and I’m going to live in a garbage bag for a month.”

Also, on the rare occasion he mentions what something weighs, it’s invariably something heavy. Like… really heavy. “Yes, it weighs a little bit more, but this portable guillotine will come in handy, when you’re exhausted after a long day of swinging your lumberjack axe, and you still have a line of zombies to decapitate.” “A single person tent would probably get you by, but I’m taking along a three bedroom ranch house, just to err on the side of caution.”

You never get to see him actually carry that guillotine on a five mile hike. And you never see him say… hey, I already have hundreds of saws at home, maybe I don’t need this one?

He seems like a very expensive husband to have. Oh, well. One woman’s divorce is another woman’s mindless entertainment.


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    It can be hard to figure out what you want to write about. Maybe talk about books you read or interesting TV/streaming service shows and movies you watched would be interesting. It’s good you’re starting to blog more regularly. If more than once a week is too much, just blog once a week.

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